The Place of Assignment Writing in the Possible Academic World

Academic Assignment Writing
While we are busy dealing with the academic development in the world of virtual reality and are working towards making it common and incorporating virtual reality into curriculums, we are now possibly standing in the world of mixed reality. What is mixed reality and how is it different from Virtual Reality? And what will be the type of assignment writing we will be doing by getting assistance from assignment writing services (because let’s just agree we can’t ever completely get rid of writing assignments, haha!) The role of Virtual Reality in academics has proved to be of great value.

Classes in the past would look at the pictures in text books to explore places and develop the skills of storytelling, but Virtual Reality enabled the students to visit the places and events in the past and fantasy lands and planets and galaxies and sky is the limit. There is so much more being done with the help of Virtual Reality and the technology is becoming common and easily affordable. Now students are going on Virtual Trips and are developing knowledge about things that was never possible before and that too so effortlessly.

Virtual Reality, once you have the VR Gear and a smart phone, doesn’t cost you anything. The videos made for VR Gear are available for free on YouTube and you just need to invest in the gears enough for the entire class. Now we have IWBs in the classes so commonly and the time isn’t far when every individual student will have a VR Gear at school and it will be part of every lesson, even assignment writing who knows! Magic Leap is working on a new possible technology named mixed reality, where you see a mixed world of virtual reality and reality.

How cool would be having a R2D2 roaming around in your room? The Mixed Reality is aware of their surroundings and where we interact with the environment in PS4 games in VR, the objects in Mixed Reality will be able to interact with ours! The possibilities are endless with this new possible technology and we are already looking forward to seeing its use and contribution in education. Magic Leap received a huge billion dollars worth of funding for the project and are now working on making it common.

They are expecting to make it available for people in about 18 months which is not far away, so by the mid of 2018, we will be welcoming Mixed Reality hopefully and we are surely looking forward to it while we are making the most of VR! Coming back to the assignments part, we know they make you a little slow and less productive, maybe you should try getting the assignment writing done by the professionals available out there. They offer pretty good help, they do your assignments leaving you time to work on your subjects and be more productive with your time, and look forward to welcoming Mixed Reality!

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